Extracurricular Activities



JB School offers a wide range of after school activities to develop the students’ interests and talents.

The extracurricular activities that we offer at JB School:


 >> Sports: Wushu, swimming, table tennis, basketball, chess

>> Arts: music, vocals, modern dance, painting, theater, and music bands

>> Mandarin and English club

>> Science Club

>> Scouts

>> Japanese language

>> Journalism





House system

 Aiming at developing the student’s character, JB School uses a house system in involving students for activities. The house system’s main goal is to motivate the student to have a sense of responsibility and solidarity that fits the student’s character.
The house system does not only train leadership and team spirit, but also offers an extensive insight. This reflects in the house labels that are named after scholarly figures:
Kartini ( Indonesia)with a yellow colour.
Kong Zi (China) with a red colour.
Tolstoy (Russia) with a green colour.
Shakespeare (England) with a blue colour.
The house system is functional during lessons in or outside the classroom, as it also is a strategy for class management.

The house activities include all the student’s study activities, such as sports, debates, science competitions, theatre, art, and cultural activities.




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