embatan Budaya School (JB School) is a national plus school with three languages: Indonesian, Mandarin, and English, designed to suit the Indonesian national curriculum. Our school has qualified and experienced native Mandarin and English teachers who work within a team of professional local teachers. To prepare a human resource that is solid, intelligent and humane, JB School offers a safe learning and teaching environment for students and teachers that are characterized by innovation, cooperation, and culture diversity.

JB School prepares students with a strong character. The students are guided to become good communicators, inquirers, risk-takers, principled, being knowledgeable, open minded, caring, problem-solvers and reflective-thinkers.



"to prepare a human resource that is solid,
intelligent and humane"




Our Vision

Our vision is to educate and develop the humanity of the new young generation in anticipation of the challenges they will face in a competitive and unpredictable future.


 Our Mission

>> To engage our students in an optimal exchange of    teaching and learning

>> To educate our students thoroughly in the essential languages : Balinese, English, Indonesian and    Mandarin

>> To develop the talents and creativity of our students    in academic and non-academic activities

>> To give our students a foundation in basic computer   skills

>> To give religious and moral education

>> To prepare our pupils for further education at a national or international school



Our school was founded on the 19th July 2004 by the Head of the Jembatan Budaya Foundation.
The aim of our foundation is to increase the popularity of the Mandarin language in Indonesia, focusing on Bali in particular, using a formal educational system.
As China’s economy grows, it plays an increasingly important role in international trade, therefore Mandarin, like English, is becoming a vital tool in the international workplace.

JB School was founded in response to this growing trend.
Being the pioneer of the national plus schools in Bali, it is therefore our responsibility together to prepare a human resource that is excellent and ready to compete in an even more competitive and globalized world.



JB World